Cosmic Corporation


Soldering Movies

  1. 46:Piezo ceramic, ceramic transducer + litz wire (with pre-solder, perpendicular to piezo)

  2. 45:Piezo ceramic, ceramic transducer + cable (without pre-solder, perpendicular to piezo)

  3. 44:Piezo ceramic, ceramic transducer + litz wire (with pre-solder, in parallel to piezo)

  4. 43:Piezo ceramic, ceramic transducer + cable (without pre-solder, in parallel to piezo)

  5. 42:Fine soldering of 0.6mm pitch

  6. 41:Soldering micro RF connector (female) and coaxial cable (shield)

  7. 40:Soldering of D-sub connector

  8. 39:Soldering coaxial cable shield and core wire to PCB at the same time

  9. 38:Soldering a glass thermistor and a wire

  10. 37:Plating wire to FPC and resin terminal

  11. 36:USB connector (A terminal) soldering

  12. 35:Soldering magnet wire wrapping terminals

  13. 34:Soldering heat sink aluminum PCB and cable

  14. 33:Soldering vinyl coated wire and PCB

  15. 32:A fixed quantity of uniform soldering

  16. 31:Basic operation that atomized flux

  17. 30:Soldering board and connector (1.27mm) without bridge

  18. 29:Automatic flux application

  19. 28:Soldering coaxial cable core to PCB

  20. 27:Soldering metal pattern and discrete parts

  21. 26:Insert the vinyl wire into the through hole and soldering

  22. 25:Method of soldering multi-core cable that does not contact the reed switch

  23. 24:Soldering SMD capacitor to PCB

  24. 23:Multi-core wire soldering, bundling and soldering vinyl wires

  25. 22:Soldering power terminals and through holes

  26. 21:Soldering L-type connector terminal

  27. 20:Soldering discrete components

  28. 19:Automatic soldering of lead terminal (caulking terminal)

  29. 18:Method of continuously soldering a square connector and cable

  30. 17:Method of vertical Y terminal and horizontal cable soldering

  31. 16:FPC bridge soldering / vertical

  32. 15:Soldering coaxial cable shield wire to PCB

  33. 14:Bridge soldering of FPC and PCB

  34. 13:Bridge soldering of PCB, V-shaped

  35. 12:Soldering vinyl wire directly to PCB

  36. 11:Wrapping magnet wire spot soldering and its operation

  37. 10:Soldering PCB through holes in full amount

  38. 9:Soldering discrete component leads and wires

  39. 8:Soldering vinyl wire to terminal block

  40. 7:Soldering SMD axial connector

  41. 6:Soldering axial cable to the piezoelectric

  42. 5:Soldering FPC and motor terminals

  43. 4:Soldering quartz oscillate

  44. 3:Uniform solder amount

  45. 2:Soldering terminals to the PCB in the case

  46. 1:Soldering connectors with uniform solder amount