Cosmic Corporation


Soldering Movies

  1. 42.Soldering robot "Soldering for PCB 0.6mm pitch pads"

  2. 41.Soldering robot for Micro RF Connector(Plug) & Coaxial cable braided shild.

  3. 40.Soldering robot "Soldering for D-sub connector & Cable"

  4. 39.Soldering robot "Soldering for PCB & Coaxial cable"

  5. 38.Soldering robot "Soldering for Thermister & Cable"

  6. 37.Soldering robot for FPC & Plastic terminal wrapped up tinned wire.

  7. 36.Soldering Robot "USB Connector"

  8. 35.Soldering robot "Soldering for UEW wrapped terminal"

  9. 34.Soldering robot "Soldering for Aluminium PCB & Multi conductor cable"

  10. 33.Soldering robot "Soldering for Solid wire & PCB pad"

  11. 32.Soldering robot "Steady solder amount soldering"

  12. 31.Real video showing a spread of flux from cored wire solder

  13. 30.Soldering robot "Soldering for 1.27mm Pitch connector & PCB"

  14. 29.Real video showing flux process at soldering

  15. 28.Soldering robot "Soldering for Coaxial cable center conductor"

  16. 27.Soldering robot "Soldering for Bus bar terminal & Axial lead"

  17. 26.Soldering robot "Soldering for PCB through hole & stripped cables"

  18. 25.Soldering robot "Soldering for Reed switch & cable"

  19. 24.Soldering robot "Soldering for SMD component & PCB pad"

  20. 23.Soldering robot "Soldering for Each Stripped cables together"

  21. 22.Soldering robot "Soldering for PCB through hole & Power Terminal"

  22. 21.Soldering for "Cable & Right angle Terminal"

  23. 20.Soldering robot "Soldering for Cable & Terminal"

  24. 19.Soldering robot "Soldering for cable & terminal"

  25. 18.Soldering robot "Soldering for Cable & Right angle Terminal"

  26. 17.Soldering robot "Soldering for Terminal hole & cable"

  27. 16.Soldering robot "Soldering for connecting each PCB's with right angle"

  28. 15.Soldering robot "Soldering for Coaxial cable Shield wire"

  29. 14.Soldering for connecting FPC & PCB by lateral heater tip moving

  30. 13.Soldering robot "Soldering for PCB's directly together"

  31. 12.Soldering robot "Soldering for PCB & Multi conductor Cable"

  32. 11.Soldering robot "Soldering for coil terminal & Magnetic wire"

  33. 10.Soldering robot "Soldering for Through hole & right angle pin header"

  34. 9.Soldering robot "Soldering for Cable & axial lead"

  35. 8.Soldering robot "Soldering for Terminal & Cable"

  36. 7.Soldering robot "Soldering for PCB & Reflow Connector"

  37. 6.Soldering robot "Soldering for Piezoelectric device & wire"

  38. 5.Soldering robot "Soldering for FPC & Terminals"

  39. 4.Soldering for Xtal Oscillator

  40. 3.Soldering robot "Solder Amount Control"

  41. 2.Soldering robot "Soldering for PCB & Terminals in the case"

  42. 1.Soldering robot "Soldering for PCB & Connector"